Carolynne and David


David and Carolynne had their hearts set on finding a forever home in the beautiful county of Northumberland. Having spent many holidays there they had fallen in love with the area and could not wait to start the next chapter of their lives there. However, whilst they could agree on the county, they were at loggerheads over the exact location.

Hypnotherapist David had his heart set on being able to watch the sun rise over an ocean vista every day, and therefore dreamt of a move to the coast. Retired nurse Carolynne, on the other hand, wanted to up sticks and immerse herself in everything that the Northumberland countryside had to offer.

With a budget of £375,000 their requirements included a large garden, a large kitchen and a room for David to practise his hypnotherapy.


Out of 6 property tours it was a coastal detached bungalow with sea view in Cresswell on the market for £380,000 that came out on top. Carolynne and David fell head over heels for this property as it had an amazing 1.2 acres of land for Carolynne to play with, as well as a fantastic kitchen and hypnotherapy room for David. This couple were delighted to offer £375,000 for this dream property and their offer was accepted.