Elizabeth and Andrew


Plumber Andrew and artist Elizabeth met 5 years ago in a local pub while playing a game of spin the bottle and have been together ever since! Having lived in Hampshire for many years the couple were keen for a complete change in lifestyle and decided they were ready to get stuck into island life on the Isle of Wight. However, whilst Elizabeth longed to be inspired artistically with a life based by the sea, Andrew had his sights set on a life in the countryside where he believed they could get more for their money.

With a budget of £300,000 their requirements included a property with land and a potential for holiday lets.


A coastal renovation project in the seaside town of Ryde, on the North East of the island caught this couple’s eye. On the market for £245,000 was a barn with planning permission to be converted and ½ an acre of land – ample space to build the holiday cabins they had always dreamt of. Elizabeth and Andrew offered £210,000 for this property and this amount was accepted.