Rachel and Charman


Rachel and Charman were hoping to make the move from their home in Kent to the South West for a well-needed fresh start. This couple married two years ago but faced some very tough obstacles when Rachel was diagnosed with cancer. Now healthy and not prepared to put their dreams on hold anymore, they were ready to begin searching for their dream property to enjoy a quieter pace of life.

However, whilst they both agreed that Devon was the perfect setting to buy their first home together, they were at loggerheads over the exact location. Having spent her childhood years living near a dairy farm, Rachel’s roots were planted firmly in the countryside. Charman, on the other hand, found the calming nature of the sea greatly inspired her passion for writing and was all for a place by the coast.

With a budget of £320,000 their requirements included a period property with a minimum of 4 bedrooms, a nice kitchen and outside space.


In this battle coast came out on top in the form of a semi-detached 1920’s house in Coombe Martin that gave this couple the goose bumps they were hoping for. On the market slightly over budget for £327,500, this 5-bedroom property had the fantastic kitchen, outside space and character that they needed, all just a 5-minute walk from the beach. Rachel and Charman were thrilled to learn that their offer of £320,000 was accepted.